How to register

It’s very easy to enroll in the TACV CLUB Programme.

TACV-Club novo_

To join the programme, complete the Membership Form, detach the temporary card at the bottom of the membership form and deliver it at one of TACV desks, your Travel Agency or mail it to the address included in the form. Cut off the temporary card at the bottom of the membership application form to start to use it and start winning miles/points and other benefits from TACV – Cabo Verde Airlines.

Thirty (30) days after submission and acceptance of the membership form and after your first trip with TACV – Cabo Verde Airlines, you will receive the final TACV-CLUB Card.


Click here to register online and win 2.500 miles!

Imagem promo Praia/São Nicolau

Praia/São Nicolau

10.000 CVE
Imagem promo Boa Vista/Praia

Boa Vista/Praia

8.000 CVE
Imagem promo São Nicolau/São Vicente

São Nicolau/São Vicente

6.400 CVE
Imagem promo Boa Vista/Sal

Boa Vista/Sal

6.600 CVE
Imagem promo Sal/São Nicolau

Sal/São Nicolau

7.400 CVE
Imagem promo Praia/São Filipe

Praia/São Filipe

7.000 CVE