Bissau, the country’s largest city, main port, military and administrative centre, is the capital of Guinea-Bissau.  

What to see in Bissau

bissauThe main attractions include the Amura Fortress, where you can see the Amilcar Cabral Mausoleum, the Pidjiguiti, the Guinea-Bissau National Art Institute, and also the old Bissau Chamber of Commerce. You can also visit the Bijagos islands, an archipelago of mysterious islands, beautiful beaches and its people who live according to the tides’ rhythm. The Bijagos islands are located off the coast of Guinea-Bissau and perpetuate the magic of creation where conservation, development, culture and tradition are the inseparable pillars on which the management model of the archipelago lies.

Several of its buildings were destroyed during the civil war, including the Presidential Palace and the French Cultural Centre. New and modern infrastructures have been built in the past few years like the People’s Assembly, the Amilcar Cabral Bridge, the West African States Bank and others.



Imagem promo Praia/São Nicolau

Praia/São Nicolau

10.000 CVE
Imagem promo Boa Vista/Praia

Boa Vista/Praia

8.000 CVE
Imagem promo São Nicolau/São Vicente

São Nicolau/São Vicente

6.400 CVE
Imagem promo Boa Vista/Sal

Boa Vista/Sal

6.600 CVE
Imagem promo Sal/São Nicolau

Sal/São Nicolau

7.400 CVE
Imagem promo Praia/São Filipe

Praia/São Filipe

7.000 CVE